Romney Nevada Endorsement

Romney wins key Nevada endorsement

Foon Rhee, deputy national political editor January 17, 2008 11:44 AM

Mitt Romney, who is focusing on Nevada while his Republican presidential rivals battle in South Carolina, picked up the endorsement this morning of the Silver State's largest newspaper.

The Las Vegas Review-Journal said in its editorial that Romney is "the viable candidate most likely to lead Republicans" in the direction so that the GOP "again embraces the ideas and concepts that made this nation a beacon of freedom and economic opportunity."

Romney is scheduled to hold events this afternoon local time in Nevada, including one announcing the endorsement of state Senator Joe Heck.

Romney also plans to spend all of Friday and part of Saturday, when Republicans caucus in the state. He plans to bypass South Carolina, where other Republicans will be awaiting results from Saturday's crucial primary, and go directly to Florida, which votes Jan. 29, according to the schedule his campaign released today.

Romney has conceded South Carolina to John McCain, and is instead going after delegates in Nevada, which the leading Republican candidates have mostly ignored. When Romney lands in the state today, he will be the first major candidate to set foot there in two months, though Nevada will actually award more delegates than South Carolina.

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Mike said...

Romney is the way to go. Experience, integrity, and optimism. I put his sign on my front lawn today. Romney 2008!