Obama SC Victory Speech

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Sick of the Clintons said...

Congratulations to South Carolina people who did not take the race bait of the Clintons.

Just my advice to the Clintons, your racist attitude was okay in the 60s, when you were teenagers, when Bill sent that racist postcard to his grandma (a postcard with a black boy shining a huge watermellon).

The Clintons must wake up to the 21 century. Either the time has changed without your notice, or you are out of date. Either way, you should not stay in the race, if you are still thinking like a racist. Why? Because you don't get away with it anymore.

Bill, did Jesse Jackson win Iowa as well, like Obama did? Why can't you STOP comparing Obama to other blacks? Is that all he is to you, "another black candidate"?

Frustrated Clintons just did not understand their white supremist time has gone, GONE, GONE!!!!! So should they, from this race.