Clinton Dinner Tab $1,530


Democratic presidential candidate Hillary Clinton and her camp ate a little higher off the hog than her rival Barack Obama during their week of campaigning in Las Vegas.

Both campaign camps called N9NE Steakhouse at the Palms minutes apart Friday for a food delivery.

Chef Barry Dakake and Jenna Morton, wife of N9NE co-owner Michael Morton, delivered around $200 worth of food, including two Kobe burgers, two organic chicken sandwiches and one order of Dover sole, to Obama in a conference room at the Las Vegas Signature Terminal.

The Clintons' tab came to $1,530 and included entrees of nine steaks, three chicken, three salmon and three Maine scallops, two lobster pappardelle, salads, sashimi, rock shrimp, and various side dishes.

The Clintons, who spent the week in a Bellagio villa, also had a big order delivered from N9NE on Monday.

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Tom said...

Steaks, salmon, Maine scallops, lobster pappardelle, sashimi, rock shrimp, ...

This is only during campaign. Just imagine how they would like their White House dinner to be, EVERY NIGHT, after they grab power.

I thought Hillary said in her New Hampshire teary comment that she had pizza during campaign. What a give away this report is!

Hillary is out giving hot chocolate to Harlem residents this morning. What happened to her lobsters and scallops? Not for street people? Why not?