Bill "Has a Dream"

Bill nods off during MLK service. Click picture to see video.


Mark said...

Poor Bill. All that ranting and raving for the wife ought to have made him so exhausted. Sweet dreams Bill. He looks like an Angel when he is not red faced arguing with everyone. And we got some peace and quiet too. Let the sleeping dog lie.

TJ said...

No. A sleeping devil still won't look like an angel. I agree that he is better off sleeping than being awake, nonetheless.

Anonymous said...

he needs to sit his monkey-a-- down and take a long one.

I just saw all the dirt just released from his presidency, freeedom of info act.

Memos and e-mails missing, sure sounds Bushlite to me. No wonder they had them under lock and key.
Also saw how Hill's health lobbyist put forth the plan in 1994.
Pretty disloyal to American patients and doctors.

No more lies and drama, vote for Obama.
Go to, it's loaded with the chicanery of the Clinton Presiodency. No wonder!