Bill likes to see them fight

Blogger notes: Maybe Bill likes to see Barack and Hillary fight. I would like to see debates with truthful statements. Arguments should be substantiated with facts. Give us a reason to vote for him/her, not vote against his/her opponent. I agree with Tom Daschle's warning that this could "destroy the party." What do you think? Please give us your comments.

Just when you thought the Clintons and Barack Obama couldn't get any nastier


Move over, Hatfields and McCoys.

That blood feud is looking downright civil compared with the trash talk in the Democratic duel between Hillary Clinton and Barack Obama, which took on the ring of schoolyard taunts the day after a debate melee in Myrtle Beach, S.C.

"Sen. Obama is very frustrated. The events of the last 10 or so days ... have apparently convinced him to adopt a different strategy," cracked Clinton, who appeared the morning after to revel in the bareknuckle brawl.

"He clearly came [Monday] night looking for a fight and he was determined and launched right in," she added.

"I wasn't looking for a fight," Obama retorted. "What I'm looking for is a correcting of the misstatements that have been coming out of the Clinton camp."

The intensity of their grudge match has kicked up a notch ahead of Saturday's South Carolina primary and the approach of Super Tuesday, Feb. 5, when New York, California and 20 other states hold primaries.

Clinton and Obama had no qualms about slinging mud Monday night and seemed to relish the personal and policy slaps - more comfortable territory than their flareup over race earlier this month.

Their verbal combat has gotten so nasty that rival John Edwards said he was happy to "represent the grownup wing of the Democratic Party."

Ex-President Bill Clinton, stumping in South Carolina Tuesday in his wife's stead while she campaigned in the West, suggested Democrats wringing their hands over the rancor should lighten up.

"I know you think it's crazy, but I kind of like to see Barack and Hillary fight," he said lightheartedly. "They're flesh-and- blood people and they have their differences - let 'em at it."
Obama told the Christian Broadcasting Network that Bill Clinton is "making stuff up" about his Iraq record.

Justifying his retaliation, Obama told a Palmetto State crowd: "I think its very clear that Sen. Clinton and President Clinton have been spending the last month attacking me in ways that are not accurate. At some point, it was important for us to address them."

Obama backer Tom Daschle, the former Democratic Senate boss, whacked the ex-President yesterday for his "overt distortions," which he branded unpresidential and warned could "destroy the party."

Hillary had no apologies for what the Clintons said, or will continue to say.

"Time and time again, we see where the words and actions don't match," she said.

If anyone is making stuff up, she contended, it's Obama. "Many of the points that he was making [Monday] night, his record doesn't support them," she said.


JT from Jersey said...

It feels like whenever it's necessary, she will "make stuff up". For example, her "7000 children in Newhampshire" benefitting from her passing the law, which later became 3 million children in Bill's mouth. I would like to know if either number was backed up with facts? I am tired of their making stuff up as they go, while accusing others of making stuff up.

Anonymous said...

This is not a change candidate that unifies to make critical decisions for the country, This is a backbiting duo, kicking and screaming their way back in the party through Hillarys senatorship. Bill wants a third term, give him one. But not with this Native Amer African American Irish woman. I am biracial and this stinks. When do they run on the issues. Clinton has Karl Roves jr. advisor on her campaign. They hired him after the Who do you trust to do the American people's agenda. Obama and Edwards where the change candidates then and now Hillary is doing all she can to distroy the trust from White Americans, that they gave to Obama and Edwards. Then she cries in a liberal state and voila, she's leading. Is she gonna boo hoo all through the states when he goes after her with honest truthful statements. She's just mad that the majority 72% voted for change through Obama and Edwards.
She is so yesteryear and out of touch.
She is the Status Quo candidate. Before she won NH Madeleine Albright had her ugly face right behind her. It was all so one sided the press picked up on it.

Same old gusrd, protecting their former protege.

That's not the change America is talking about. Just changing chairs won't work. We need new faces and new ideas that work.
We also need someone who takes the time to read war authorizations before casting her vote. Not someone who leaves something as important as giving cowboy Bush authorization to pre-emptively strike.

I want a president that gets it right the first time.

I want a real uniter, not a constant bickering fighter that gets nothing done in the Americaan People's interest.

I will not vote for the Clintons to sabbotage what's left of our party again, after all the damage that brought us Bush.

Liars and Cheaters never prosper.
It is easier to get a camel through the eye of a needle, than to have get a liar in heaven.

Anonymous said...

If you really want another Republican president in 2008, vote Obama as the Democratic candidate!

Ronnie said...

I beg to differ Anonymous...Hillary on the ticket will insure a GOP victory. The Clintons have too many skeletons still left in their politcal closet.
The Rep. can't wait to expose them.
Tehy know the can beat Hillary,that's why they want her to win the nomination.