Bravery and Elegance

"So well planned. So well thought out." - CBS News

"A stunningly bold protest for the world to see." - CBS News

"Tremendous amount of skill. Obviously it's a dangerous operation." - Golden Gate Bridge Manager

"Oh, this is unbelievable! I just can't believe this!" - Tourist from Indiana

"We are in solidarity with the Tibetan people." - Laurel Sutherlin, one of the three heroes

Thank you, Laurel Sutherlin, Duane Martinez, and Hannah Strange. We are with you. We are with the Tibetan people. China is at odds with the rest of the world for its oppression of the peaceful Tibetan people for nearly 60 years. Time to come clean, China!

Click picture to see the CBS video


GT said...

It was absolutely exhilarating. What a slap in the face of China the oppresser. Human rights issue is at the forefront. China insists that Olympics is not about politics therefore the world should not bother China. Look who is talking!

China had long since the announcement of Beijing Olympics said that this was an opportunity for the world to see the modernness of China. It went as far as moving people in Beijing out of their old beat-up homes so the government can demolish those homes, so the tourists won't see them. This is no different than their police pick up street people who are ill, physically or mentally disabled, elderly, drive them to 60 miles away, and dump them in the desert.

China completely ignores and tramples human rights. Boycott China. Free Tibet!

Tim said...

Love you, Students for a Free Tibet! What a wonderful job you have done to declare to the world that we condemn China's awful human rights record.